April 28, 2022

Business Banking Services

9 Banking Services That Can Make Life Easier for Your Business

As a business owner, the large and small choices you make each day add up to create the future of your business. South Atlantic Bank’s Corporate Services offer a host of business banking services from which you can choose to ensure this success. Our business banking services are tailor-made for small businesses at every stage, and our team of corporate service experts works to keep your business running smoothly. We are committed to providing your business the tools that are efficient, secure, and reliable so that you can devote your energy to running and growing your business. In addition, South Atlantic Bank prioritizes the financial health of both owners and employees by offering services that benefit your entire team.

1. Merchant Card Services

Our team can help you discover the Merchant Cards Services most beneficial to your business. In addition to competitive pricing for debit and credit card processing, we offer local service. Our local service team can set you up with a system tailored to your business’s specific needs and be available to answer questions as they arise. Take a look at the variety of payment systems available. Whether you’re looking for virtual payment solutions, countertop or portable payment terminals, or other payment systems, our team can help you make the most secure and profitable choice for your business.

2. Cash Management Services

Cash management is an integral part of running your business. That’s why South Atlantic Bank makes it an integral element of our business banking services. We offer a variety of ways to distribute, manage, and control cash so that your business can capitalize on growth opportunities when they arise. And our dedicated Cash Management Team will work closely with you to ensure that your business’s cash flow is consistent and well-controlled. We are committed to giving you the tools and knowledge you need to manage your cash flow effectively. 

3. Remote Deposit

Remote Deposit allows businesses to deposit checks virtually. Rather than rushing to the bank before closing—or waiting until the next business day—to make deposits, you and your employees can scan check payments for immediate deposit. Your funds are therefore readily available.  When you use this service, your business receives a Remote Deposit Scanner that securely scans checks and produces digital versions of your deposits. These deposits are then transferred into your accounts. See the many additional benefits of Remote Deposit here: Remote Deposit Capture & ACH.

4. ACH and Wire Transfers

Through South Atlantic Bank, you can access the nationwide Automated Clearing House (ACH) network. This service ensures quick and secure transfer of funds. In addition, ACH reduces your business’s losses resulting from check fraud and data entry errors. ACH services make paying employees easy by allowing direct deposit into their checking accounts, and preventing the hassle associated with lost payroll checks. When you use ACH, you no longer have to buy and store expensive paper checks, and you can automate payments to vendors. The service protects your account with multiple layers of account security.  

Wire transfers are another way to transfer funds securely and efficiently. You can initiate wire transfers anywhere in the US through our online banking service. There is no fee for incoming wires, and you can save time and money by electronically initiating your own transfers. We offer both repetitive and non-repetitive transfer capability, and wire transfers make it possible to transfer large dollar amounts. And this service is highly secure. It features multi-layer initiation and verification, with unique IDs for each user. Our office confirms wire transmissions by telephone, and email notifications are available for incoming and outgoing wire transfers.

5. E-Docs

You can receive an e-mailed statement that gives you access to all of your business banking transactions. The EDocs service emails you a notification that your statement is ready. It then directs you to our secure Digital Business Banking login page, where you can access your statement. E-Docs eliminates paper waste and prevents you from having to wade through envelopes stuffed with check images and details of your every financial transaction.

6. Sweep Services

Sweep accounts keep your money working for you. We offer two types of sweep accounts that sweep funds from your investment account or line of credit into your pot of available funds. Excess available funds can also be swept back into your investment account so they can accrue interest. A Credit Line Sweep account links to your checking account and automatically transfers funds between accounts to maintain balances and reduce service charges. Our Investment Sweep accounts ensure that you maximize the interest you can earn. This account is linked to your operating account. Your excess balance is transferred to your Investment Sweep account every day, where it can earn interest.  

7. Positive Pay Fraud Prevention Services

Positive Pay reduces your business’s risk of financial loss by matching check details–account number, check number, dollar amount—against a list of checks your business has authorized. As a result, our Corporate Services team can detect unauthorized or mismatched checks, thereby reducing fraud. You have the option of activating alerts and email notifications about the status of checks available for review, and images of questionable transactions are available online. No additional software is required, and you’ll no longer have to field incoming calls from the bank for verification of checks your business has issued. Positive Pay Fraud Prevention makes you a more efficient owner by eliminating the work that goes into detecting fraud on your own.

8. Workplace Banking

South Atlantic Bank makes it a priority to meet the needs of the coastal communities we serve. Workplace Banking offers financial services tailor-made to help your employees achieve financial security. We offer discounts on traditional banking services, no-fee checking accounts, and financial education resources. Perhaps most importantly, employees have direct access to our banking experts. Financially secure employees are more productive, stay longer with their employers, and are more likely to participate in direct deposit services. Workplace Banking thereby prioritizes the needs of both employers and employees. Our business banking services help ensure that the success of your business extends to every member of your team. 

9. Digital Business Banking

You can bring the bank right into your home or business by signing up for Digital Business Banking. Our NetTeller Online Banking service gives you access to all of your accounts anytime. You can view, search, transfer funds, and make payments through our secure system. You can sign up for E-Docs, issue stop payments, and see your checks and transactions. In addition, you can enroll in South Atlantic Bank’s goMobile banking app, which gives you access to your financial information from almost anywhere! With NetTeller Online Banking, you can access all of our business banking services from home or on the go; your business banking is all under your control.  

Visit us at  https://southatlantic.bank/business/corporate-services/ to learn more about the many business banking services that we offer. Our team at South Atlantic Bank looks forward to assisting you in making the most profitable choices for your business.  

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