Debit Cards

With contactless technology, paying for purchases is fast, easy, and secure. Tap your card on a merchant’s card reader, and your transaction is complete. No need to insert or swipe your card, touch the terminal, enter a PIN, or sign a receipt.

Follow These 3 Simple Steps

Step 1: Look

Look for the contactless symbol ))) on the merchant’s terminal.

Step 2: Tap or Hold

When prompted, tap or hold your card flat within a few inches over the symbol. If you accidentally tap twice, no worries, your transaction will only process once.

Step 3: Purchase

Wait for the beep or green light from the terminal confirming your transaction is complete. Your purchase is complete!

Contactless Technology is a Secure Way to Pay.

A one-time code is generated for each transaction to keep your card number safe. You can still insert or swipe the card if the merchant doesn’t have a contactless terminal.

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