Remote Deposit Capture, RemitPlus Express & ACH

Now there’s no need to rush a deposit to the bank before you’re ready.  

With Remote Deposit Capture, you can make your deposit easily and safely, right from your office all while gaining quicker access to your funds.  All you need is a computer, a high speed internet connection, and a bank-provided scanner.

RemitPlus ExpressTM is a full-featured integrated receivables and remittance lockbox solution that allows you to uniformly balance payments and post to your accounts receivable systems from a variety of sources.

Remote Deposit

This service is ideal for businesses who accept large numbers of checks or who can’t make it to the branch within business hours. Benefits include:

  • A secure and convenient method of scanning and depositing checks at your workplace
  • Reduces employee travel time and expense by making check deposits right at your office
  • Extended deposit hours – make deposits until 7 pm nightly
  • Deposit checks from multiple business locations into one or multiple accounts
  • Different scanner options are offered based on the volume of checks for deposit
  • Improves the availability of funds

To use the Remote Deposit Scanner:

  • Total the number of checks and the amounts.
  • Place the checks in the scanner. The scanner reads the front and the back of the checks and records all the information.
  • When the checks images are captured, an image based deposit is prepared and transmitted to the bank.
  • The funds are then deposited and posted to your designated account that evening.

RemitPlus Express

This service allows you to scan and submit checks and payment coupons together in one image. The platform provides a centralized touch point for validating transactions. RemitPlus Express includes:

  • Scanning of checks, payment vouchers, stubs, envelopes, correspondence, and coupons
  • Import of bank bill pay and other electronic transactions
  • Form reading, lifting data from OCR scanline, barcode, machine print, mark sense, and handwritten fields
  • Tailored batch types and entry queues to support diverse business rules
  • Lookup tables for account and amount validation, stop lists, and correction recall
  • Standard and custom suspense and reject reasons

Benefits include:

  • Online research, reporting, and image archival
  • Posting to core accounting and downstream systems
  • Electronic deposit
  • Mitigate check fraud with duplicate detection, velocities, and review queues


The nationwide ACH (Automated Clearing House) network allows you to receive agreed-upon payment for services electronically and makes collections and funds transfers more efficient and reliable.

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