Mobile Banking

South Atlantic Bank is just a touch or text away when you enroll your AndroidTM or iPhone® mobile device in our goMobile banking app. You can download the app for free in the App Store or Play Store.

With goMobile, you can:

  • Check your account balances
  • View transactions
  • Transfer funds between enrolled accounts
  • Pay bills with Bill Pay
  • Report a card lost or stolen
  • Suspend a card that is misplaced or out of reach
  • View account alerts
  • Find the nearest South Atlantic Bank from your location
  • Deposit checks with Remote Deposit Capture

When you enroll in goMobile Text Banking, you can send the bank a text to learn your account balance for a specific account or for all your enrolled accounts. You can also text to see the last 4 transactions on a specific account or for all your enrolled accounts. The mobile text service is free, but your carrier’s standard rates may apply.

See our video library to watch a goMobile tutorial.

Enroll in goMobile and goMobile Text Banking

Enrollment in South Atlantic Bank’s mobile banking is via NetTeller, our online banking service.

If you are not a NetTeller Online Banking user, you can enroll online or at your branch.

To enroll in goMobile:

  • Log onto NetTeller Online Banking.
  • Select Options > Mobile Settings > Mobile Web Settings.

Be sure to click on Agreement and Disclosures to review the following documents: Online Agreement, Privacy Statement, and Security Agreement.

Complete the following items:

  • Enable web access for your mobile device.
  • Select “YES” to Receive Text Messages (Your carrier’s message and data rates may apply.)
  • Enter your mobile number.
  • Select your wireless provider.
  • Select the accounts you wish to access via goMobile.
  • Click Submit.
  • Confirm your information. Check I accept these full terms and conditions.
  • Select Confirm.
  • When you click Confirm, the confirmation screen appears. If you opted to receive text alerts, you will receive a confirmation text message.

After you complete the enrollment screen for mobile banking, select Mobile Text Settings.

  • Enter your mobile phone number.
  • Select your mobile provider.
  • Check the accounts you wish to access via text.
  • Create a Mobile Short Name for each one. (The Mobile Short Name is the name that you will include in the text to request information for a specific account. Enter your short names in the boxes by the list of accounts.)
  • Click Submit.

When you select Submit, a confirmation screen will appear.

  • Select I accept these full terms and conditions.
  • Select Confirm.
  • You will receive a confirmation message to the cell phone you selected for Mobile Text Settings.
  • You must text YES to the message sent to your mobile device for your enrollment to be completed.

Mobile Text Commands – Text to 89549

Use these commands to text us about your accounts. (Remember that your carrier’s message and data rates may apply.)

Bal = All Account Balances
Bal Acct Name = Single Account Balance
Hist = All Accounts Recent Activity
Hist Acct Name = Single Account Activity
Help = displays all the commands on the screen
Stop = Cancel (stops text messaging service)

Texts are not case sensitive.

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