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Control Your Cash Flow
Our dedicated Cash Management Team will work one-on-one with you to bring consistency and control to your cashflow.
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We’re ready to help you manage your money better. That way, you can spend your time on what matters most.

Online Banking +

Enjoy secure, 24/7/365 access to all of your account information online and through the goMobile app.

  • Review deposits and cleared checks in real-time.
  • Verify transactions and balance the books with electronic statements, paid checks, and deposit images.
  • Make or schedule stop payments and online transfers, giving you more control over your money. Transfers can be setup to be one-time or reoccurring.

Zero Balance Accounts +

Automatically pool your business funds into one central operating account, eliminating time spent on tracking balance levels and manually funding subsidiary accounts. Any excess funds in your primary account can be invested to increase returns and maintain liquidity while minimizing the risk of overdraft fees.

  • All funds are deposited into a central operating account.
  • Subsidiary accounts to handle payroll, petty cash, or other needs always maintain zero balance requirements.
  • The total for all checks presented against your Zero Balance Account is offset by a debit to the central operating account.
  • Funds are transferred automatically to and from your parent and subsidiary accounts.

Sweep Accounts +

Let South Atlantic Bank help you keep your money working as hard as it can at all times. Manage your cash flow and meet liquidity and investment goals by automatically transferring cash between your South Atlantic Bank business accounts or line of credit.

  • Maximize interest earned on deposit accounts and reduce interest paid on loans.
  • One- or two-way sweeps allow you to consolidate deposits or fund accounts.
  • Maintain balances to reduce service charges.
  • Use as overdraft protection to reduce the risk of having returned checks or overdraft fees.

Automated Clearing House (ACH) +

$20 per month, includes multi-user service

Our ACH service enables you to originate ACH transactions as either debits or credits. It can also be used for direct deposit of payroll or to obtain agreed-upon payments for services.

  • Increase the rate and speed of collections and receivables.
  • Reduce the expense and risk of storing expensive check stock.
  • Reduce time lost and expense of stopping payment due to lost payroll checks.

Best of all, our website allows you to upload a software-generated NACHA or an Excel CSV file. You can also create a payment batch within NetTeller. A secure token is required for online user access.

Online Wire Transfers +

$20 per month, includes multi-user service

Initiate wire transfers to anywhere in the United States right from your computer. Log on to NetTeller, our online banking website, to initiate wires faster and in a secure environment. ($20 per month, includes multi-user).

  • Wires received by the cutoff time will be processed within the same day.
  • Multi-layer initiation and verification with unique IDs for each user provide better- internal controls and helps reduce your potential for wire fraud.
  • Wire passwords provide added security at the time of wire transmission.
  • Repetitive wire templates eliminate the need to re-key information.
  • You will receive a call from our office to verify the transmission.
  • You can also opt into email notifications of incoming and outgoing wires.
  • Best of all you save money with $5 per domestic wire as opposed to $20 when initiated in the branch.

A secure token is required for users to gain online access.

Positive Pay +

Positive Pay works for you, matching the account number, check number, and dollar amount of each check presented for payment against a list of checks your business has authorized and issued.

  • Detect mismatched or unauthorized check activity to identify and reduce fraud.
  • No accounting software is required. You can manually create or upload a check issued file.
  • Reduce the risk of financial loss to your business.
  • Activate alerts for multiple users and provide daily email notifications indicating whether or not the company has exceptions to review.
  • View images of exception items online.
  • Eliminate phone calls from the bank to verify checks issued by the business.

Any checks presented to a South Atlantic Bank teller will be compared to your company’s issued check file. If a check does not match the information in the check-issued record, we’ll refer the client to you for additional assistance.

Remote Deposit Capture +

Remote Deposit Capture provides a secure and convenient method of scanning and depositing checks at your workplace. This service is ideal for businesses who accept a large numbers of checks or find it difficult to visit the branch within business hours. We offer different scanner options based on the volume of checks for deposit.

  • Reduce employee travel time and expense by making check deposits right from your office.
  • Enjoy extended deposit hours—make deposits until 7 p.m. nightly.
  • Deposit checks from multiple business locations into one or multiple accounts.

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