Safeguards for Your Accounts

At South Atlantic Bank, we take the security of your accounts very seriously. We use 24-7 monitoring systems and the latest technology to keep your accounts safe.

You can help us deter fraud by keeping your personal financial information secure. Be vigilant with computers, cell phones, and other devices, monitor your accounts online, and check your monthly statements for unauthorized charges or debits.

South Atlantic Bank will never call you to ask for sensitive data such as account numbers, social security numbers, or balances. If you receive a phone call or email request for this information, do not divulge it. Contact your local police and the bank to report it.

goMobile Advanced Debit Card Controls

It’s debit card spending on your terms through new advanced card controls within the SAB goMobile app. Turn your cards on or off, set spending limits and get alerts, all with a few quick taps.

Select the “Manage Cards” tab under Preferences in the goMobile app and you can access a variety of controls or alerts for all supported debit cards. You can choose to:

  • Turn the card(s) on and off
  • Set per-transaction spending limits based on various factors such as dollar amount, transaction type or merchant type
  • Receive alerts on all transaction attempts declined
  • Set other instant alerts on all or select transactions
  • Block transactions from all international locations or be notified when used internationally
  • Business cardholders can set employer controls and monitoring

Alerts are sent via push notifications through your device operating system.

You can set up the rules and alerts you desire and immediately shut down card activity when not in use or in the case of suspected fraud. These new features provide the peace of mind of added protection and awareness.

If you opt for text alerts, add SAB Text Banking (#89549) to your contacts so when you receive an alert, you will recognize the sender.

This free service includes as many cards as you need to enroll and can be installed on multiple mobile devices.

Debit Card Fraud Monitoring Service

South Atlantic Bank has a Debit Card Fraud Monitoring Service in place to provide greater protection for your debit card. It’s free monitoring of your debit card activity to protect you from unauthorized use of your card.

How it Works

Our Debit Card Fraud Monitoring Service uses a sophisticated real-time scoring system based on card usage habits to measure fraud risk. If fraud is detected, a detailed action plan swings into motion.

  • Each transaction you make with your South Atlantic Bank MasterCard debit card is instantly scored with a high, medium, or low risk for fraud.
  • If fraud is suspected, you will be contacted immediately, using a combination of emails, texts, and phone calls, and responding is easy.
  • If a transaction is considered high risk, your card will be immediately blocked for your protection, and then released if you confirm no fraud.
  • For medium risk transactions, your card is blocked only if we can’t reach you.
  • Low risk transactions are usually associated with travel so be sure to let the bank know before you go out of town. We will add a note to your record to reduce the chance of your card being turned down due to suspected fraud.
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