April 19, 2022

IT Regulatory Compliance Security

Timely Topics:

It’s Financial Literacy Month: Protect Yourself From Scammers

April kicks off Financial Literacy Month, which is often about managing your money and building savings. But this month, we want to talk about protecting what you have, and what you’re building, from scammers.

From “Federal Trade Commission” Jim Kreidler (4/04/2022)

Cybersecurity Advice To Protect Your Connected Devices and Accounts

For so many of us, cell phones and computers are embedded in our personal and professional lives. We talk and text, we browse the web, we watch, and we create. Our devices store a lot of personal information, so it’s a good idea to take a few minutes to make sure your computer, phone, and other connected devices are protected.

From “Federal Trade Commission” Alvaro Puig (3/23/2022)

War In Ukraine And What That Means to FIs in the US

Check your credit card or bank statement when you get it. Look for purchases or withdrawals you didn’t make. Sign up to get text or email alerts from your credit card or bank whenever there’s a new transaction. This could help you spot unauthorized or fraudulent activity on your account.

From “Jack Henry Fin Talk” Rene Perez (3/03/2022)

Lost or Stolen Credit, ATM, And Debit Cards

If your credit, ATM, or debit card is lost or stolen, federal law limits your liability for charges made without your permission, but your protection depends on the type of card — and when you report the loss.

From “Federal Trade Commission” (2/01/2022)

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