June 22, 2022

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Want To Work From Home? Spot The Scams First

These days, working from home is pretty common. It’s a win-win for both those hoping to avoid a commute, and companies looking for talent from all over the world. You might even get a call or message about a job opportunity — but how do you know it’s legit? If a company asks for sensitive info (like your Social Security number) before they hire you — or they say they need you to make an upfront payment — it’s a scam.

From “Federal Trade Commission” Andrew Rayo (5/11/2022)

5 Types Of Cybersecurity Threats You Should Know About

When criminals try to take over your digital life, it can feel like you’re in a high-tech thriller or horror movie. It has all the elements of a heart-racing film: high stakes, evil villains and an unwitting protagonist thrown into chaos. This quick guide to five types of cybersecurity threats will help protect your digital life.

From “Kim Komando” Serena O’Sullivan (5/10/2022)

Shutting Down Tech Support Scams

It’s alarming to get this kind of random notification, especially if it sounds serious and looks legitimate. Scammers often pretend they’re tech support from a well-known company, like Microsoft or Apple. They expect you to open an email, text, or pop-up if you see a familiar name. They may also try calling you, hoping you’ll react to an “urgent problem” with your computer. That’s how they get your personal information or money to “fix” it. They want you to pay for tech support you don’t need, to fix a problem that doesn’t exist.

From “Federal Trade Commission” Andrew Rayo (5/09/2022)

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