July 7, 2022

IT Regulatory Compliance Security

Timely Topics:

Scammers Pretend To Be U.S. Customs And Border Protection

The latest twist is imposters who pose as agents and officers from U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP). Here’s how the ruse might play out. Scammers send you a recorded message saying illegal items were shipped in your name and have been intercepted. Or they might talk about a “diplomatic pouch.” Or tell you a warrant is out for your arrest. They’ll demand that you pay for more information using cryptocurrency, gift cards, or wire transfers, or tell you to give them your banking account or Social Security number. Don’t do it. It’s a scam.

From “Federal Trade Commission” Kira Krown (6/02/2022)

Securely Gaming Online

What makes online gaming so fun is that you can play and interact with others from anywhere in the world, often you don’t even know the people you are playing with. While the vast majority of people online are out to have fun just like you, there are those who want to cause harm.

From “SANS OUCH!” Charles Goldner (6/01/2022)

How To Prepare For Hurricane Season 2022 And Avoid Storm-Related Scams

Threats from hurricanes don’t come just from wind and rain, storm surges, flooding and rip currents, or tornadoes and landslides. Hurricane-related threats also come in the form of scammers who use those weather emergencies to cheat people. Some of the most common weather-related frauds and scams include people who promise to help you with clean-up or repairs, but disappear with your money; those who pretend to be FEMA or other government agencies; people who promise you a job – if only you pay to get it; and those who promise you a place to rent – if only you wire them the money to get the place sight unseen.

From “Federal Trade Commission” Colleen Tressler (5/25/2022)

How Cyber Criminals Are Targeting Amazon Prime Day

With Amazon Prime Day 2022 set for July 12 and 13, Check Point Research is already seeing phishing emails and suspicious domains designed to scam prospective shoppers. Cyber criminals like to exploit seasonal activities and events, especially ones that garner a lot of attention from the public. Amazon Prime Day is one such seasonal event in which the retail giant kicks off a series of tempting sales for consumers looking to save money. As in past years, scammers have already been targeting Prime shoppers in an attempt to deploy malware or steal sensitive information.

From “Tech Republic” Lance Whitney (7/07/2022)

Military Consumer Month 2022

Honest employers, including the federal government, will never ask you to pay to get a job. Anyone who does is a scammer. Honest employers also will never send you a check and then tell you to send them part of the money. That’s a fake check scam.

From “Federal Trade Commission” Carol A. Kando-Pineda (6/27/2022)

3 Reasons Storing Sensitive Files In Google Drive Is A Bad Idea

Quit falling for digital Trojan horses. Train your eye to recognize these Google Drive security risks. In this guide, you’ll get a few cyber defense tips that help you stay safe.

From “Kim Komando” Serena O’Sullivan (6/07/2022)

Protect Your Medicare Number, Your Other Info, And Your Money

Scammers keep changing their stories to catch you off-guard. Some scams even ask you for your Medicare number. If anyone surprises you with a call, email, text, or message on social media and asks for money or personal information — no matter what story they tell — it’s most likely a scam.

From “Federal Trade Commission” Bridget Small (6/06/2022)

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