May 5, 2023

IT Regulatory Compliance Security

Timely Topics:

How To Protect Your iPhone From Hackers

When you’re carrying around a smartphone that’s worth up to $1,000 or more in your pocket, you’re going to want to protect it. But the device isn’t necessarily the most valuable property to thieves — it’s the personal data you have stored on it.

From “CBS News” Jennifer Earl (3/01/2023)

Android Phones Can Be Hacked Just By Someone Knowing Your Phone Number

If an attack is successful, the hacker could access data going through the Samsung Exynos chipsets used in many devices, scooping up call information and text messages.

From “Graham Cluley” Graham Cluley (3/17/2023)

Scammers Are Using Your TV Against You To Get You To Pay Up

Anything that connects to the internet can be hacked. However, many people wrongly assume that smart TVs are immune. Tap or click here for four vital steps to protect your online accounts from hackers and scammers. While there isn’t much personal information stored on your TV, hackers can cause trouble in other ways. A new trend is thieves forcing pop-ups onto unsuspecting victims’ smart TVs. If you fall for them, you’ll end up handing your money to crooks.

From “Kim Komando” Charlie Fripp (3/08/2023)

Digital Spring Cleaning In 7 Simple Steps

We often hear of the term “spring cleaning,” the time of year when we go through our belongings and organize our house and lives in preparation for the upcoming summer. This is also the perfect time to take an annual review of your digital life. The following seven simple steps, taken once a year, will go a long way toward ensuring you can make the most of technology, safely and securely.

From “SANS OUCH! Newsletter” Ritu Gill (3/01/2023)

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