August 10, 2023

IT Regulatory Compliance Security

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QR Code Scams Are Out Of Control – How To Protect Yourself

Imagine losing $15,000 in just a few seconds. It happened to a woman who scanned a QR code to take a survey and instead downloaded malware that drained her bank account. QR codes are those black-and-white dot-based images you scan to open websites, menus and apps. You name it. But they’re also a sneaky way in for scammers, so much so that the FBI is warning you to think twice, too.

From “Kim Komando” Allie Seligman

Credit Card Debt Relief That Isn’t

The FTC recently announced settlements with the operators of a deceptive debt relief scam. The FTC sued the three operators and their related companies (which went by multiple names including ACRO Services) for taking tens of millions of dollars from people by falsely promising to eliminate or reduce their credit card debt. The scam charged people fees in the thousands of dollars and even told them to stop making payments to their credit card companies — leaving people in a far worse position — with damaged credit and owing their original debts plus thousands in fees and interest.

From “Federal Trade Commission” Jim Kreidler

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