March 20, 2020

Stay Cyber Safe

With the spread of COVID-19, cyber criminals are ready to take advantage of the situation. Here are some reminders to keep yourself safe:

  • South Atlantic Bank, the US government, or any legitimate company will NEVER call OR email you and ask you for your: social security number, personal bank account information, credit card information, or usernames/passwords. If someone calls you needing your information to send you money, it is a scam.  We have all the customer information we need, so we would never call you for it.
  • Cybercriminals are circulating scam posts about CDC alerts and health precautions through email and social media platforms. The scams could install malware on your machine, or they can convince you to buy something useless in order to get your credit card information
  • Always check the email address or URL. Verify it is legitimate, but remember that email addresses can be spoofed.
  • Never click on links within a suspicious email. Open up your web browser, and go to the organization’s main page to verify information in email.
  • Scammers tend to create a sense of urgency, such as “You need to act now.”
  • Watch for spelling and grammatical mistakes.
  • Only donate to causes you can verify are legitimate. Never meet unknown people alone to donate/pickup items.
  • Monitor your bank accounts and credit cards daily for any unapproved transactions.

Also, for those who are working remotely:

  • Verify your home network and wireless are secure.
  • Verify your computer is up to date on patches and anti-virus.
  • Browse safely the same way you would while at work.

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